Style File: Allison Williams Pulls Some Surprises out of her Style Trick Bag

Posted on July 19, 2017

Credit-where-it’s-due time. We’ve been ragging on Miss Allison for years now because we found so much of her style to be bland. Worse (in our eyes), she was approaching her promotional style as if she were a debutante rather than a working actress. She’s gotten a bit better over time, but it wasn’t until she wore two notably stylish and cute looks in one week that we figured it was time for a revisit.


Allison Williams at Horizons National’s 10 Days of Giving event in Newark, New Jersey.

Obviously we wouldn’t rate any ensemble for an event as humble as this one with the same set of criteria we’d rate her Met Gala look. This is as casual as a celebrity appearance gets – and yet she managed a truly stylish look that looks great on her. It’s simple, of course. Not gonna win any design awards or land on any best-dressed lists. But it’s a really sweet summer dress that looks great paired with simple flat sandals and a cleanly styled head. We wouldn’t want to overstate our praise here. It’s just a nicely pulled-off, relatable and approachable sort of day look.

Then she got all actressy:


Allison Williams stops by “The View” in New York City.

Well, look at Miss High Fashion all of a sudden. This strikes us as a bit too heavy for July in New York, but we can’t deny it looks pretty great on her. We’re not really feeling the accessories choices, though. Suggestions for shoe and bag, darlings? The pumps look great, but we’re not sold on black patent. And the bag is too quirky for a dress that has enough quirk on its own.



Style Credits:
First Look: J.Crew Stripe Tiered Maxi Dress
Second Look: Rosetta Getty Dress from the Resort 2018 Collection | Paravel Bag

[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/, Janet Mayer/, Michael Simon/,]

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