Pop Style Opinionfest: A Scandal at Vogue and a Summer of Mediocre TV

Posted on July 12, 2017

Darlings! Did you miss us? It’s been far too long, we know.  What with the U.S. holiday and the summer slump on the fashion/celeb fronts (leaving us with far less content than normal), we decided to lay off the opinions for a bit until inspiration struck again.

Also, we kind of took it as a bit of a vacation.

Anyway, we’re back, and we’ve got things to say. First, there’s another ramble about the downside of Peak TV. This time, we took both the mediocrity of Netflix’s Gypsy, as well as this timely and on-point Alan Sepinwall piece at UPROXX proclaiming the death knell of the “It gets better after the first few episodes/seasons” sentiment in regards to choosing one’s viewing habits, as leaping-off points for ranting. With so damn much TV out there, is it worth it for a viewer to slog through hours of not-very-good episodes of The Leftovers or The Americans to get to the good stuff? Should anyone bother with the Handmaid’s Tale if almost everyone agrees the second half of the first season isn’t very good? We bat it around for a while and in typical T Lo fashion, we’re not a hundred percent in agreement on it.

What we ARE in agreement on is Miss Celine Dion’s mid-life style explosion and how it’s both great fun while also being representative of quite a bit of our points about the red carpet over the years, and how it’s a tool for celebrities to send messages and paint pictures.

And finally, we dive into the semi-minor scandal rocking the fashion journalism world this month. Lucinda Chambers was the Fashion Director for British Vogue for 25 years, until she got fired earlier this year. She opted to let loose with both barrels on everything she’s apparently been holding back for the past few decades regarding her disdain for the world of fashion journalism, and now it’s all anyone in the biz (or adjacent to it) is talking about. Again, we each came at it from slightly different angles. She had a lot of things to say about Vogue in particular that we tend to agree with, but we also think saying it now, after decades of being such a major influencer within the machine and keeping your mouth shut, isn’t exactly a brave or even noble act.





It’s all there for you once again, darlings. All the laughter, tears, and opinions. Thank you for paying us even the slightest bit of attention. You really shouldn’t, you know. It’ll only encourage us.


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