Naomi Watts at the Armani Privé Fall 2017 Couture Fashion Show

Posted on July 07, 2017

This is kind of boring, but it’s Friday after a holiday weekend and we’re just cleaning out whatever’s left in our folders at this point. Might as well be honest. Also, we sat down to watch her new Netflix show Gypsy last night. Tom spent the first episode and a half snorting at the terrible dialogue and glacial pacing until he finally stood up with a flourish and said “THESE ARE THE WHITEST WHITE PEOPLE PROBLEMS TO EVER FACE WHITE PEOPLE,” before skipping out and going to watch the last episode of Twin Peaks for the 30th time.

But Lo LOVED it. He’s totally hooked on it. Binged his way through half the season, high on upper middle class drama and dirty secrets.

Oh, right. There’s a dress:

Yeah, whatever. She kind of ruined a pretty white dress by throwing that jacket over it and pairing with PEACH shoes. Yuck.

So. Has anyone else seen Gypsy? Because ol’ T Lo does not see eye to eye on it.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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