Lorenzo’s Picks for … WATERMELON MADNESS!

Posted on July 10, 2017

Kittens, Lorenzo had so damn much fun shopping to satisfy his pineapple passion, and the response to it was so positive, that he took that moment of fevered inspiration and decided to do an entire FRUIT SALAD of summer fashion and accessories, just for fun. And fabulosity, which we could all use a little more of in our lives, yes? We’ve earned it, dammit.

Oddly defiant intro aside, once Lo got the idea to do a bunch of fruity fashion shopping posts, he found that it’s a remarkably easy thing to pull off since there are so many options. And more importantly, cute little fruit-themed pieces never really seem to go out of style. You’ve sampled from the pineapple options, but now it’s time to grab a slice of that most summertime of fruits, an ice cold or hot pink hunk of WATERMELON.




BAM. How’s THAT for a slice or two? Okay, eighty-two.

Is it too much? It’s too much. Lorenzo has a problem, we know. But there was so much cuteness and chicness once he started filling his virtual basket (so to speak), that he found he couldn’t stop himself. How cute are those sneakers? Or the sandals? Or literally any of the jewelry or bags? Lo’s in love with the Alice + Olivia bag, the Love Moschino Dress, the Draper James tote, all of the D&G (of course), and thinks the bathing suits are super fun and even the t-shirts are playful and adaptable, depending on how you style them. Which means if you ask him his favorites, he says “Everything, of course!” somewhat indignantly, like he usually does. But come on, kittens. Lo’s not putting his stamp on any ol’ thing. He went for the cute, chic, and fun.

So. Anyone feel like adding a cool, sweet slice of fabulous to their summer style rotation?


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