Lorenzo’s Picks for … BOLD LEMON SASSINESS!

Posted on July 13, 2017

Darlings, Lorenzo has not stopped putting together his SUMMER FRUIT SALAD OF FASHION. Once he gets a shopping idea in his head, he simply won’t be able to let go of it until he’s worn it completely out. He needs to, in order to get these things out of his system, you see. Luckily, for both our own savings account and also for the good of the world, we’ve found a way for hi to channel his shopping addiction for good. He gave you the pineapple ingredients. He gave you the watermelon ingredients. And today, he’s giving you probably the second most-common fruit motif in fashion, the gloriously summertime, fabulously tart, never-out-of-style FASHION LEMON:





How CUTE are those bags? Lo’s loving the Shoptiques tote, the Alice + Olivia clutch (so much so, he dropped in several buying options, in case they sell out), and the Betsey Johnson wicker the absolute most. As you can see, there are a TON of cute little lemon dresses and skirts. Lorenzo thinks they’re all fab, but he’s partial to the Malandrino, ASOS, and Maeve options the most. The striped Kate Spade pajamas are adorable. The espadrilles and Betsey Johnson sandals are sassy and fun footwear to grab a little attention for your feet or to finish off an otherwise plain outfit with something fun. And the lemon slice earrings are downright chic. It’s an incredibly versatile style motif and Lo worked hard to give you as wide a range of options, from fun to funky to chic.

So, kittens. Feel like tarting it up this summer?

Wait. That came out wrong.



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