Lorenzo’s Picks for… Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-CHERRY BOMB!

Posted on July 19, 2017

Darlings, Lorenzo’s SUMMER FRUIT SALAD OF FASHION continues! So far, our little style bowl includes all the pineapple fabulosity, all the watermelon coolness, and all the lemon madness (meaning, you really need to go check out Lo’s super-stylish picks for those motifs), but no fruit-based fashion salad is complete without the most persistent fashion fruit of all, the ever sassy, sometimes sexy, and always fun CHERRY!

In fact, once Lorenzo got started filling up his little virtual basket with one gorgeous cherry-based piece after another, it became obvious that this time, we’d need to break it down for y’all. First up, all Lo’s picks for the most fabulous pieces of:




Perhaps it’s not surprising that Miss Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James line gets a heavy showing here, but this kind of sweet-and-sassy motif is right up that brand’s alley and there are a bunch of really cute options from her corner. Also cute: a whole lot of cherry t-shirts! This isn’t normally Lo’s thang, but once the options came into view, he couldn’t stop throwing a ton of them into his basket. Altuzarra options are chic and low-key, which is not something we’d have thought you could do with a cherry print.

But if you ask us (and you didn’t, but since we’ve got your ear, so to speak), the cherry fashion motif is most fun when it’s expressed through:




Because who doesn’t think a couple of cherry barrettes or earrings aren’t crazy-cute? And if that’s too much, Lo kindly asks that you direct your attention to all those fabulous bags he picked out for you, like the Hilfiger totes or that fun Betsey Johnson number. And speaking of Miss Betsey, Lorenzo truly loves the sandal options here, which are fun and a little sexy. And those straw bags are just adorable.

So how about it, gals? Feel like working a little cherry-bombing into your style rotation?
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