All the Guys (and a Couple Gals) on the “Dunkirk” World Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on July 14, 2017

Darlings, this movie has about 9,000 guys in it and we only know about four of them! Also, a couple of ladies! Let’s JUDGE THEM ALL!


Aneurin Barnard

Nicely tailored, could’ve used some contrast.



Barry Keoghan

Nicely tailored, could’ve used a tie.



Brian Vernel

Love the plaid. LOATHE the fringe loafers.



Cillian Murphy

A little too business-like.



Clara Paget in Chanel

Even if she didn’t figure that she needed to stand out in a sea of menswear, the choice to go bright worked out really well for her. Still, we don’t love the bodice or heavy straps. She just looks like she’s wrapped up in a bunch of scarves.



Dua Lipa in Ulyana Sergeenko

Lovely, but the clutch doesn’t go.



Fionn Whitehead




Jack Lowden

Impeccable, if a little dull. Great grooming.



James D’Arcy

We Miss Agent Carter. And the memory of it reminds us that he can look much, MUCH better in a suit than this. It’s okay, but the color and style don’t do much for him. He should be doing wide-lapeled ’40s-style menswear.



Kenneth Branagh

Similarly, this mid-sixties, Don Draper style of cut does not at all suit you, Kenneth. Three-piece, pronto.



Mark Rylance

We know it’s his thing and we try not to be dicks about it, but the hat thing will never not look goofy and precious to us. His jacket is also inexplicably large and his tie inexplicably tiny.



Tom Glynn-Carney

The jacket looks a bit large, but we love the touches of brown and green. Nicely done.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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