Harry Styles at the “Dunkirk” NY Premiere (also, the rest of the cast of “Dunkirk”)

Posted on July 19, 2017

Sorry about the title, boys! You know how these things go. Now line up for judgment. We promise we’ll be harshest with Harry.


Aneurin Barnard

Secret Service Agent.  Do better next time.



Cillian Murphy

Just got off work and hitting the bar for happy hour. Disappointing.


Fionn Whitehead




Harry Styles in Calvin Klein Collection

Come on, now. If you want to wear your rodeo boots, go and do that,  but don’t ask the folks at Calvin Klein to do that to an innocent pair of pants. It’s just a very basic black suit with one really incongruous, focus-pulling element. We kind of love the idea of him doing some sort of cowboy-themed high-fashion look, but this doesn’t commit enough.

As always, he’s got great rings, though.


Jack Lowden

Have him washed and sent to our tent.

Also: great suit.


James D’Arcy

That is LITERALLY not your suit, Mister. We’re pretty sure it’s Russell Crowe’s.



Kenneth Branagh

It’s fine. Dull, but fine.

Gentlemen, this is all incredibly disappointing. We expected the very best English suiting from you lot and most of you are working JC Penney specials. Tsk.


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/startraksphoto.com, Getty Images]

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