Comic-Con 2017: The Riverdale Cast Showed Up with Their Style Game ON

Posted on July 24, 2017

To perhaps no one’s surprise, the young, good-looking cast of the stylish hit TV series showed up at Comic-Con all cutely dressed and photo-ready.

Attakids. Work that spotlight.

Now line up for judgment.


Asha Bromfield

We could do without the aggressive leg posing, which is so very not Comic-Con, but the getup is fine. It’s a place where cosplayers are wandering around dressed in little more than swatches of fur covering their bits. If girlfriend wants to wear a two-piece gown in a logo-matching color, we applaud it.


Ashleigh Murray

LOVE every bit of this look. Maybe not the artfully worn-out knees, but everything else looks great. Fun, cute and photogenic.\


Camila Mendes

It’s a great little dress but it comes off maybe a bit too put-together for an event like this. Several of the other gals are in skirts, but they’re not quite as formal in tone. She could’ve styled it down with some matching kicks or even a slightly more demure shoe in a red or green.


Cole Sprouse

Gotta love a guy who’s not afraid of a lace blouse.

This may be the first time we’ve complimented lace in a red carpet setting in several years.



Hayley Law

While we’d argue that any look starts with that hair, which is fabulous, that doesn’t mean she can get away with wearing any old blandness. The outfit’s a let down.



KJ Apa

Cute. Very Archie-appropriate, if not exactly operating at a high style difficulty level.



Lili Reinhart

Go for it, girl. But your shoes are kinda tacky.



Madelaine Petsch

It’s okay, but like Camila’s look, it’s a bit too put-together; too much an ensemble, if that makes any sense. Keep the bottom half and switch the top out for a shell, cami or even a t-shirt.


[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/]

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