Comic-Con 2017: “Game of Thrones” Panel and Q+A Session

Posted on July 24, 2017

Once again, and to no one’s suprise, the lady cast members did the style heavy lifting at Comic-Con.

Alfie Allen, Jacob Anderson, Liam Cunningham, Conleth Hill, John Bradley, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Sophie Turner, Nathalie Emmanuel, Gwendoline Christie and Kristian Nairn at the “Game of Thrones” Panel and Q+A Session during Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego, California.


Alfie Allen

Well played, Theon Greyjoy. You knew they were about to air an episode that was going to make everyone hate you again, so you showed up with a puppy. It’s a bit obvious, and we won’t award points should you or any other celebrity try this tactic again, but we are duly impressed, sir.



Gwendoline Christie

She’s been working a lot of these types of suits lately, and while we like the idea of it, they always seem to be a bit too large and a bit too flared-out in silhouette. She could look truly amazing in this style, but it definitely needs to be more fitted.

This is not a great color, though.



Isaac Hempstead Wright

Look, we’re more than fine with casualness at Comic-Con, but we draw the line at showing up in your pajamas, Isaac.



Liam Cunningham

Daddy’s doing fine.


Sophie Turner in Racil

LOVE. There was a slight vogue for ladystars showing up in suits this weekend, wasn’t there? Cate Blanchett rocked one at the Thor panel.


Nathalie Emmanuel, Liam Cunningham and Sophie Turner

We don’t quite get what’s going on with Nathalie’s outfit, but this shot is adorable anyway.



Kristian Nairn




Isaac Hempstead Wright, John Bradley and Nathalie Emmanuel

Seriously. Is it a cape?



Liam Cunningham, Sophie Turner, Jacob Anderson, and Conleth Hill

Kudos to Jacob for showing up in a damn superhero t-shirt. We don’t know why more stars don’t do it at Comic-Con. Also: it always takes us a long, long time to recognize Varys in any cast shots. Never before has shaving a man’s head so drastically altered his appearance. Conleth Hill could’ve been a master disguise criminal.

Are we all loving the season so far?



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