Comic-Con 2017: Gal Gadot Strolled into the “Justice League” Panel and Q+A Session Like a Goddamn Champ

Posted on July 24, 2017


For real, it does our bitter little hearts good to see this lady literally take center stage as the clear and obvious centerpiece of all of DC’s cinematic plans, now that she’s shattered records and pretty much taken the summer:


Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, and Jason Momoa from “Justice League” at the “Justice League” Panel and Q+A Session during Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego, California.


It helps that she chose to show up looking like a movie star.


Queen. And she both knows it and feels it at the moment. Good for her. Just look at the trailer for this film, which might as well be retitled Wonder Woman & The Justice League:






We don’t think we’ve ever seen a woman in a superhero ensemble get an entrance quite like that one. And while the focus is clearly on Diana, we can instantly sense the lack of her film’s director, Patty Jenkins. We saw more of Gal Gadot’s butt in this trailer than in the entire two-plus hours of Wonder Woman.

Not that we’re ragging on the trailer. The horrible soundtrack aside, this looks like it might be kind of fun. Director Zack Snyder, who gave the world the increasingly dour Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman (neither of which ignited critics or gave the kind of box office returns hoped for) famously left this production due to a family tragedy and it was taken over by Avengers director Joss Whedon for finishing touches, although it’s looking increasingly like he will be a full co-director. The tone is a little odd; there’s a sense of Whedon trying hard to lighten things up considerably, but without an opportunity to reshoot the entire movie, he’s using material from a director whose style simply doesn’t take to lightening up easily. Like we said, this looks like it could be fun. That shot of Momoa tossing his hair at the end is both hilarious and knee-weakeningly hot.

As for the rest of the cast at the panel …


Bless their hearts.

Although we can’t fault them for not getting into the spirit of things. How often does a co-star for a big-budget film show up in Fullmetal Alchemist cosplay? Ezra, you little freak. RESPECT.


And then there’s poor Ben, off to the side. Wondering about his choices.

He claimed to be putting the Bat-Exit rumors to rest, but it didn’t come off very convincing. With the announcement of a Flashpoint film, DC’s giving themselves an easy out to recast any of the major characters (although we’ll leave it to the nerds to explain why. Reality altering storyline, basically).

And finally, there’s our Lion of the Sea…


We’re pleasantly surprised to see him coming across like so much fun in the few seconds we’ve seen of him in the Aquaman role. We always thought the casting of a man of Pacific Islander background in this part was a rare stroke of genius on Zack Snyder’s part, but to have Momoa play him as some sort of badass surfer dude is hilariously perfect. Also, he looks insanely hot in some of those scenes, although we suppose it would be hard for him not to.

And y’know? We’re gonna have to give him some props for the outfit here. That’s dressier than he normally attempts and he looks pretty great in it. That Aquaman movie promo tour is going to be a hoot, especially with Nicole Kidman starring as his mother.


The poster is … okay. To a comic fan, the overt reference to Alex Ross’s art work is very clear, but out of context, the staging comes across a little weird. Are they standing on steps? Very close together? Because that’s not normal.

And finally, aside from the action and the bombast and the silly costumes and even the fashion commentary…


This is what it’s all about.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images,, Warner Bros. Pictures]

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