Comic-Con 2017: The CW’s Superhero Fam Hits the Press Line

Posted on July 24, 2017

Darlings, a whole bunch of super-folk with highly dramatic personal lives came out to pose and hawk their wares. They didn’t give us too much to talk about on the style front, which makes them probably the least stylish collection of CW cast members we’ve ever seen.

But we love them, so we’ll be kind.


Brandon Routh

There is no fashion commentary to be had here.



Candice Patton

This, on the other hand, is almost too fabulous for the venue. There’ve been a lot of ladysuits at this Comic-Con but this may be our favorite.


Carlos Valdes

What? Like we’re gonna yell at him for under-dressing?


Danielle Panabaker

Cute. A bit too formal, though.


David Ramsey

Well, he fills it out nicely, that’s for sure.



Echo Kellum

The only man here to bring a little style and color to his look. Nicely done.



Emily Bett Rickards

There’s kind of a huge disconnect between the outfit and the shoes. We think the latter could be fun for this setting, but not with that getup.


Grant Gustin


Cute enough.


Jesse L. Martin

The smile makes up for the DadWear.



Katie Cassidy

We’re not sure about that lacing, but it all makes  decent nod to the look of her character. We’re trying to figure out why one shoe has  strap and the other doesn’t.


Rick Gonzalez

Also fills it out nicely.



Stephen Amell

WHY did these dumb photographers not give us the full-length Amell we deserve?

Nice t-shirt, though. Yippee-ki-yay.


Willa Holland

It’s a great time and place to break out the crazypants, but the shininess kinda detracts.


And now, hype:






Of the four shows, we’d say Flash has the most to prove this coming season, since the last one was pretty dire. Legends remains a fun and unpretentious time-waster – and kudos to them for that Titanic line from Victor Garber. Arrow’s still got some juice left to it, but we’re wondering if this show doesn’t need to start thinking about an end date. As for Supergirl, we haven’t kept up on it, so we’re curious to hear from the show’s fans what they think of that oddly dark trailer.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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