Chris Pratt is a Good Friend at the “Ingrid Goes West” Premiere

Posted on July 28, 2017

This is not, in any way, what we would call …


A fashion moment.


Experience tells us two things here. One, it’s just not worth ragging on a guy for following his own personal style if you know it’s what makes him most comfortable. Two, we’re just ASKING for it if we rag on a guy dressed as good if not better than 90% of the male population in any given casual situation in the real world. In other words this is Chris Pratt and he is the stand-in for everyone’s boyfriend on the internet. Bitches like us best tread lightly.

So why bother featuring him at all?



Because he’s a total puppy.

God, do we miss Andy and April.



[Photo Credit: Milla Cochran/, Getty Images]

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