Charlize Theron Got Dior’d at the “Atomic Blonde” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on July 25, 2017

Oh, Miss Charlize. Do what you wanna, but we’re starting to think the getups for this promo tour are a bit beneath you.



And we don’t mean “beneath you” because they’re revealing and body-based. We just got done telling J Lo to fly her body flag proudly, so it Charlize wants to promote her big, sexy action movie with big, sexy looks, we’d be all for that – if the looks weren’t so un-stylish and, in this instance, unflattering.

We’re getting tired of seeing those Dior jockstrap bras, but that’s the least of this look’s issues. The neckline is not particularly great either, but even that doesn’t cause the T Lo Style Alarm bells to go off. It’s that hideosity of a skirt. It sits too high, obscuring her waist, and then it ends with a hem that looks like a mistake in the manufacturing process. Don’t even get us started on the black booties in July.

Lady, this whole look needs to be thrown in the fire. Except the jewelry, of course.




Style Credits:
Christian Dior Sheer Black Ensemble with Fringe Detailing

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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