The Cast of “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” Take Things Easy at Comic-Con 2017

Posted on July 21, 2017

A bit TOO easy, if you ask us. You didn’t, but then again, that never stopped us.



Channing Tatum

Geez, we want to like this, but it’s looking disturbingly like a brushed, lightweight denim the longer we stare. We can’t commit until we get an answer on what this textile actually is.

Even so, the overwhelming blueness is a bit much. Some contrast, please.



Colin Firth


Sure, you can technically get away with dressing like this for Comic-con, but if you’re Colin Firth, why would you? Not that we expect him to show up in a Tom Ford suit, but some distinguished, stylish casual wear would not be wholly out of order here.


Halle Berry

Yikes. It’s a romper for a car mechanic.

We can’t linger too long on this because it’s incredibly rare to see a ladystar under-dressed at Comic-con. We suppose she’s earned the right.



Taron Egerton

Well, the kicks are fun. And the smile sure helps.

You guys are lucky you’re all so hot. Then again, that’s pretty much why y’all know you can get away with so little effort here, isn’t it?



Style Credits:
Halle Berry: Hudson Jeans Izzy Utility Romper

[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/,]

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