The Cast of Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” at Disney’s D23 Expo

Posted on July 17, 2017

The Marvelistas turned it out. Well. Some of them did, anyway. For a massive group of super-folk, there was some surprisingly impressive style efforts on display as they peddled their latest massive – some might say “bloated,” although we’re not pointing any fingers – superhero extravaganza.


Anthony Mackie

So, that’s a … what? B+? For effort?

We can’t say the cuffed pants are working for us, but it’s fine.



Dave Bautista

This? Also fine. It’s his thing. You can always expect layering, jeans, dress shoes and a cap with him.



Karen Gillan in Miu Miu

That’s a pretty spectacular dress but the colors aren’t great for her and besides, it might just be a bit too grandiose on a stage with someone wearing a hoodie.



Pom Klementieff in Louis Vuitton

Cute, but the necklace is more than a bit much.



Benedict Cumberbatch

Look, we realize this is casual, but he looks like he was watching TV in his Eatin’ Tee and underwear when he realized he had somewhere to be and just randomly grabbed a suit and got dressed on the way.

Not that we recognize this from experience or anything.



Chadwick Boseman

To be honest, we’ll take this over B Cum’s look. This has more look, texture, color and style than his blandness. Kinda loving the vaguely ’80s vibe of it.



Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo

Fine. Whatever. Hemsworth wins this round, Ruffalo. Sorry.

But then again…


Josh Brolin


We guess he’s got a directive to get himself swoler than Hemsworth ASAP. Mission accomplished. He sure is … filling everything out.

RDJ was certainly impressed.



Tom Holland

Cute. Something of a continuation of his Spider-Man Homecoming promo wardrobe.



Elizabeth Olsen

Chic, but we can’t take the belt situation. That’s just silly.



Paul Bettany



Okay, that was mean, but the fit on that suit is horrifying.



Don Cheadle

Well alright. Here’s a man who knows how to hi-lo a look. Nicely done, sir. You look distinguished and cool.



Sebastian Stan

Boyfriend material.


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[Photo Credit: Disney]

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