Cara Delevingne Serves up Pure “Robot Girl” in Iris van Herpen Couture at the “Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets”

Posted on July 18, 2017

Gotta give her credit; this woman sure knows how to dress for the occasion.


And that is not at all a given from someone with a modeling background. If anything, models and former models tend to be among the worst dressers in celebrity land.

Also: we’re LIVING for the hair. We keep seeing more and more of this kind of lacquered, shimmered, painted-on style of hair in fashion and red carpetry. She painted her head for the Met Gala earlier this year, so she’s clearly someone who likes the style. She’s got the features for it, which makes us  wonder how much of this trend will trickle down (pun unintended) to the average person.

But this manages to be stunningly on point for this film premiere, highly photogenic (it’s the kind of dress that sends photographers into a frenzy when it disembarks from a limo), and fiercely chic in its own right. Like Charlize’s Atomic Blonde premiere getup, it comes pretty damn close to showing up in costume for the film premiere, although we’d argue this one’s a bit more high fashion to be considered costume-y. We’ve long argued for the idea of genre-appropriate style choices on the red carpet, which sci-fi and romance films being the two easiest genres to interpret in a high-fashion way. This look and Charlize’s feel like the perfect examples of our argument, and yet seeing it in practice, we think it’s something that can easily go wrong or look goofy on the wrong person. Charlize can get away with dressing like a lady assassin on the red carpet and Cara can get away with dressing like a robot girl on one, but there are so many stars out there who probably shouldn’t try to be so direct in their interpretations. We’re just saying.


Style Credits:
Iris van Herpen Dress from the Fall 2017 Couture Collection
Repossi ‘Antifer’ Diamond Rings
Repossi ‘Serti sur Vide’ Module Ring and Earring
Jimmy Choo ‘Minny’ Sandals

[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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