Brie Larson at the Rodarte Show in Paris: IN or OUT?

Posted on July 06, 2017

Once again, we find ourselves asking an improbable question. Yesterday, we found ourselves in the horrifying position of having to put Pope Tilda’s style choices up to a vote. Today, we find ourselves in the unlikely position of asking you all to settle the question of whether this Rodarte frock works:

Given our rather longstanding “Celebrities should NOT wear Rodarte for public appearances” stance, we think this one might … not be so bad? We’re unsure. We feel like Rodarte’s been making a turn of late and we’re not sure if we are ready to embrace it because we love it or just because they finally wore us down.

Does this look good? We’re asking. The silhouette looks great. And while we’re very done with black lace dresses on celebrities, it’s hard to fault this one for being basic in any way. So you tell us:

Brie Larson’s Rodarte Surprise:

IN or OUT?

“Rodarte surprise” sounds like a seventies casserole dish.



Style Credits:
Rodarte Metallic Waxed Lace Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Courtesy of Rodarte,]

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