The Boys of Summer: Random Celebrity Guys Hit the Street

Posted on July 11, 2017

No one’s really hitting any red carpets right now and even most of the celebu-gals have packed up their cute sidewalk-sashay outfits and headed inside to keep the sun off their faces. That means the paps are running after the boystars this week; more than they normally do. The style, such as it is, is barely notable, but who cares? Grab yourself a Slushee and let’s go sit in the park to watch cute boys walk by.


Alexander Skarsgård

Excellent deployment of the clingy, tissue-thin tee-shirt, A. Is there anything hotter than a guy’s pecs bouncing around in one? Rhetorical question, of course.

Everything below the shirt is deeply questionable, however.



Conor McGregor

You magnificent, attention-seeking bastard. You’re like a Kardashian sister who grew a beard.



Mitchell Slaggert

Kid, we don’t know you, but we like what we’re seeing here. Keep up the good work.  It’s bland, but that’s probably going to be your style sweet spot for the rest of your career.



Orlando Bloom

Legolas, this is disappointing. Also: vaguely satisfying, since Katy’s been having a hell of a time of it on the style front since the breakup.



Ryan Phillippe

Ryan, everything about this is wrong. First, it’s too hot in New York for you to be in gray-toned layers and boots. Second, you’re too hot to be hiding your light under this particular bushel, if you get our meaning.



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