Aziz Ansari Has His Walking Shoes On at the Christian Dior Couture Show

Posted on July 05, 2017

We find ourselves responding to this a little more kindly than we probably should, especially since we just got done telling Katy Perry to stop dressing like Isabelle Huppert.


Yes. Okay. It has that vaguely Pop-Pop feeling. So noted. And we reserve the right to shriek like banshees if it turns out that his hem lengths are deliberately mismatched and not just an illusion that makes it look like they are. But there are possibilities here. First, because Pop-Pop Chic is a thing in men’s style, and second, because we really like the jacket and shades and because of that, we keep trying to find ways not to yell at him for wearing an undershirt, ill-fitted pants and mall-walkers to a couture show.

Dammit, Aziz. We really tried here. But despite the swag behind the shades, we cannot sign off on this assisted living-wear.


[Photo Credit: Alban Wyters/ABACA/, Getty Images]

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