Amy Schumer Looks Cute on the Set of “I Feel Pretty,” But is She Supposed to?

Posted on July 28, 2017

We have to admit, we’re a little confused. We featured her on set yesterday in a semi-questionable outfit that nonetheless had some potential to work for her. Then we noted the description of the movie she’s filming, the upshot of which is that her character sustains a head injury that leaves her believing that she’s drop-dead gorgeous, and this is apparently played for laughs instead of as a tragedy examining the idea that only women who sustain brain damage have the tools to be self-confident in a world that constantly demands that they not be.

Whew! That got a little ranty there. Our point:

This actually has a lot of potential for her as a semi-cute outfit. The ruffles are bad and everything could use a little fitting to not look so blocky on her, plus that’s not a great bag and she’s wearing way too much blue at once, but we like this so much better than the string of body-con dresses that make up her promotional wardrobe. This look has personality and cuteness to it.

Which is why we suspect we’re supposed to find it hilarious that a beast like Amy Schumer could think she’s allowed to wear it.

See? We’re confused. Is this a legit cute outfit or is this a costume in service to the joke that she’s not as pretty as she’s supposed to think she is?




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