Vanessa Hudgens Hits Her Style Sweet Spot, Out and About in LA

Posted on June 30, 2017

Like we said earlier, the red carpet pickin’s are slim as we head into a holiday weekend, so we’re cleaning out our “Sidewalk Sashay” folder for the week. And yes, we do have such a thing.

Anyway, please take a step forward, Miss Hudgens.


Y’know? She’s getting better at this. She’s always favored very SoCal-style hippy-dippy wear, but in the past, she tended to overdo it to the point of supreme tackiness. She’s toned down the more overtly rocker-chick or patchouli-scented elements lately, and she’s consistently been working breezy, comfy, photogenic and cute looks like this one. Everything here works, from the shades to the slides. We’re not sure if those chains are part of the top or some sort of body jewelry (which we tend to find pretty tacky in most cases) but whatever she’s got going on there, it looks fairly low-key and delicate to our eyes.


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