Style File: Justin Hartley at the 2017 Monte Carlo TV Festival

Posted on June 20, 2017

Mr. Justin has been bringing his bland boystyle to Monte Carlo at a time when he really should be crushing it, given how popular his show is. Let’s move in for a closer look, shall we?

And by that we mean, let’s all decide what he got wrong and then tell him.


Here’s the thing about bland style: Unless there are other issues at play (like taste or fit problems), there’s not a lot left to say about it. That’s kind of why it’s called bland in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with the suit choice or the shirt choice or the shoe choice or even the watch choice. It’s just that they’re all a bit dull in combination. A subtle print shirt and a lighter shoe would do a lot to help out here. Maybe a pocket square with some interest. Also: a shave. The stubble isn’t providing benefits. Lose it.


We’ll give him credit for the suit choice – although blue plaid suits aren’t quite as daring a choice for the red carpet as they once were. We’re living in a post-Redmayne world, Justin. You need to step this up a bit. First, by not recycling the same bland blue dress shirt. This one needed white. Second, if you’re going to eschew a tie with a suit, snap your collar after you put your jacket on so the placket of your shirt isn’t collapsing all over the place. Also, those shoes are really distracting.

Kudos on trying for something with a little personality, but you’ve got to work on the details, mister.


[Photo Credit: IPA/, Getty Images]

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