Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig Came Out of (the) Retirement (community) for the “Despicable Me 3” Madrid Photocall

Posted on June 20, 2017

Listen, you two. We love you. And it’s because we love you that we have to let you know…


This is … less than acceptable.


Steve. No. No, Steve.

Look, we’re all for a celebrity man or woman who doesn’t want to make a fool of themselves trying to appear younger than they are. It’s actually an act of bravery for any working movie or TV actor with a decent career. Our thing here is not that Steve had the audacity to age. It’s that he rushed headlong into a Pop-Pop look before he actually had to.

The jacket and shirt can stay, even if the former seems a little short and blocky. But in order to avoid the Grandpa connotations, he should have a better-fitted pair of jeans than those and he should avoid wearing casual slip-ons. Also, the frame of those glasses needs to be much darker in order to set off his eyes and provide contrast with his gray hair.



We’re sorry, woman, but this is all one big “NO.” The idea of a blocky pink linen suit could be fun, but the actual shape of it is terrible. She’s a rectangle with feet.

Also, that orange button is inexplicably rage-inducing.




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