Scarlett Johansson Shuts Our Mouths at the “Rough Night” New York Premiere

Posted on June 13, 2017

Brace yourselves, darlings. We’re going to do something we thought we’d never do and you thought you’d never see (if you were the type of person who spends time wondering what random bloggers might do next). We’re about to compliment a dress with a belly cutout.



Now, it might not seem so notable that we’re complimenting a dress that looks pretty spectacular on its wearer, but just a couple weeks ago, we wrote this when Gal Gadot wore a dress with some similarities to this one:

“A criss-cross halter with a high-waisted cutout is, quite honestly, one of those designs that puzzle the shit out of us because we don’t understand why anyone would opt for it, seeing as its unflattering on pretty much any body.”

Well shut our mouths, why don’t you, Mr. Kors? We think this works because the dress really suits her and because the design is free of a lot of fuss. Literally the only design elements worth noting are the neckline, the sequins and the cutout – and the latter is relatively subtle and placed at the exact part of her body where it will look flattering. So let that be a lesson to you, dolls: every fashion pot has its lid. Or something.

In other news, the hair is really awful. No, girl.




Style Credits:
Custom Michael Kors Collection Silver Sequined Silk-crepe Gown

[Photo Credit: Getty Images – Video Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment via]

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