Riley Keough Exits Her Time Machine in NYC

Posted on June 07, 2017

Riley Keough is spotted leaving her hotel in NYC.


Hello, 1986! It’s been a while.

The hair, the shades, the bag, and (to a much lesser extent,) the shoes are all working for us. We like the jeans too. We’re just not sure we can get on board the ombre fleece pullover train.

Seriously. Say “ombre fleece pullover ” out loud. Go ahead. Use it in a sentence. “I say, has anyone seen my ombre fleece pullover?” “Does this fine boutique carry any ombre fleece pullovers?” “OMBRE FLEECE PULLOVERS ARE SPRING’S HOTTEST TREND!”

Face it: you can’t chic it up. Not that it can’t be cute on its own, but it really doesn’t work with high-end accessories.


Style Credits:
Louis Vuitton Bag and Shoes


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