Rihanna Leaves the Madeworn x Roc96 Pop-Up Event Pantsless

Posted on June 01, 2017

“What is the Madeworn x Roc96 Pop-Up Event?”

That is a thing you might be asking yourself right now. Well, darlings, it’s a thing.  As for Miss Ri, she’s doing her thing:


We’re pretty sure we’ve seen her in some version of the so-called “boyfriend shirt” a couple thousand times before (estimate may possibly be fudged wildly). It’s part of her whole hi-lo thing, although there’s no a lot of “hi” on display with this one. Instead, this strikes us as a comfy go-to for her; a fall-back look that she knows she can rock without too much effort. We don’t particularly love it, mainly because it’s so literal, the shoes are tacky, and those front pockets bug. But like we said, it’s kind of a standard Ri look. There’s definitely a sense from her lately that she’s scaling back a bit.


[Photo Keith/INSTARimages.com, Vince Flores/ INSTARimages.com]

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