Nicole Kidman in Erdem at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards: IN or OUT?

Posted on June 07, 2017

Miss Nicole has returned to the Erdem well once again.


And while we’re pretty sure this isn’t as disastrous as some semi-recent Kidman-Erdem pairings, we don’t trust our take on this look because it pushes too many of our buttons. We tend to really hate when Nic wears pastels, so we find this color to be hellaciously unflattering on her. Our long distaste for brightly colored lace is well known. And as we’ve noted, Miss Lady has worn some pretty awful ruffled-up lace confections with an Erdem label stitched inside for us not to react badly to this on sight.

But maybe we’re wrong. She’s been doing so well lately on the style front that we’re looking to be convinced on this one. Is it working for you? Is it less of an eyesore than previous ruffle explosions? Should Nic really be working this sort of sickly sweet romanticism? Was that last question just a little stacked? In other words …


Nicole Kidman’s Lilac Lace Extravaganza:

IN or OUT?


Seriously. Outline the hows and whys of this one for us.


Style Credits:
Erdem ‘Imelda’ Lace Long-Sleeve Gown with Velvet Detailing and Black Embroidery from the Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: PA Images/, Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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