Marvel Studio’s “Black Panther” Poster Released

Posted on June 09, 2017


With the success of Wonder Woman re-writing the conventional wisdom on what audiences want from a superhero movie, the timing of this poster could not be more savvy on Marvel’s part. We made a not-particularly-impressive prediction after the 2016 presidential election that, regardless of how good a movie it would turn out to be (which happily wound up being “very“) Wonder Woman was in prime position from a zeitgeist perspective to be a monster hit. The same goes double for Black Panther, for a whole variety of what should be very obvious reasons. Bottom line: the culture is dying for this. More importantly, as with the Wonder Woman movie, the culture is dying to have a debate about this. There will be hot takes galore, no doubt about it. It’s long past time for superhero stories to be embodied by figures other than blond white guys named Chris.

In related news, this cast…



…is FIRE. Can’t WAIT for the trailer to drop.



[Photo Credit: Marvel Studios]

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