Posted on June 21, 2017

Darlings, Lorenzo got up yesterday, declared that Independence Day was coming, and announced (mostly to the cats) that he was inspired to go find the most fabulous patriotic-themed fashion he could find. And because we’re T Lo, he worked damn hard to make sure it wasn’t the usual Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren take on Americana. No, kittens. We’re going for something a little more fabulous here. And also Wonder Woman because Tom insisted.

Remember: if you click on something and it’s way out of your price range, keep on clicking, because our shopping posts cover virtually ALL price points.

First up on our July 4th-themed shopping tour, that old American (and also French, U.K., and half the other flags in the world) standard, the color scheme that elicits cheers from American-lovin’ Americans:





Because let’s face it; it’s a classic. For this collection, Lo put together a bunch of looks that have a fairly clear patriotic theme or boldly RWB color scheme, but tried to avoid stuff that would make you look like a tourist – and we say that as people who live mere feet from the Liberty Bell and various other historic landmarks. Come this time of year, the streets of T Lo village are awash in flag-themed paraphernalia. And you know what? More power to them, because they’re on their vacation and diving deep on American history. But for you kittens, we’re trying to put together options of a more stylish nature. Lo’s favorites: The Tory Burch striped pants are fabulous, as are the Valentino and Gucci sneakers. But the Old Navy and Sperry sneakers make fun, affordable options as well. And of course, those Valentino Mary Janes could make a fashion queen weep. The starred tank from MarcNY and the striped tank from frame are low-key chic.

Next on our trip, options for the slightly less color-restricted patriotista:





Because we’re always about the alternate take ’round these here parts. Both stars and stripes are classic graphic elements in style that can be utilized in a ton of fun and trendy ways for your summer wardrobe without making you look like you’re doing Captain America or Betsy Ross cosplay, if those are not things you’re into or if RWB is not a color combo you tend to favor. Admittedly, there’s a bit of overlap, but if you were to ask Lo for his favorites, he’d tell you he loves all the striped tees, which can be styled a ton of ways, from super casual to dressy-chic.  Of course all the star jewelry is fun, but so are the Jimmy Choo hi-tops, the Vince Camuto shell with the waist tie, and the striped Rebecca Minkoff dress, which is adorable.

And finally, if you’re not into literal displays of patriotism and you’d much rather FLY THE FLAG OF WOMANKIND (or something) by commemorating the hottest pop culture trend of Summer ’17…






“Fighting for your tights, in your satin tights, and the old red, white and bluuuuuuue.”

What else do you need to know? It’s Wonder Woman; icon, cultural figure and now, the hottest movie of the summer. A Wonder Woman t-shirt never truly goes out of style, but Lo (with some heavy input from T, who has some nerd cred in these matters) avoided some of the tackier, gaudy types of t-shirts and totes out there and stuck to the designs that will remain classic over time. Your WW tee will age and fade over time, always reminding you of that summer you sat in a theater and cried your eyes out over a woman lifting a tank over her head.

So, kittens and Wonder Women, feeling like flying your flag and adding some sparkle and pizazz to your summer wardrobe? There’s still time to find the kicking-est ensemble at the barbecue.


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