Style File: Lily James at the “Baby Driver” European Premiere & After-Party

Posted on June 22, 2017

Because why wear one free dress per night when you can land two, right? We can’t “attagirl” this attitude enough. “More fashion for everyone!” we say.  Of course it helps that she picked two pretty decent dresses. If they were both disasters, we’d be all “This is what happens when you pick too many dresses!”

We’re just being as transparent as possible, darlings. It’s the hallmark of quality bitchblogging.

And speaking of which…



Lily James attends the European Premiere of “Baby Driver” in London, England in Burberry.

We like this. It has some issues and it’s not quite a style that’ll ever get us to make declarations of love, but it takes a good picture. Cinderella-blue is forever going to be in her style wheelhouse, so it’s smart to return to it on occasion. The main design issue are the straps, which didn’t need to be so thick, heavy and black – and definitely didn’t need to extend to the floor.


Lily James attends the after-party for the European Premiere of “Baby Driver” in London, England.

Both the sleeves and the hem end disappointingly. A scrolldown letdown. But it’s bold and we love both the unusual color scheme (which she can handle) and the relative demureness and comfort of the look. She picked something high impact enough to take a decent picture, but comfortable enough that she could relax.



Style Credits:
First Look: Custom Burberry Gown with Black Velvet Straps Detailing | De Beers Earrings

[Photo Credit:, Getty Images]

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