Style File: Kirsten Dunst Cutens Up the Sidewalks of NYC

Posted on June 19, 2017

Miss Kirsten has been sashaying about in some sidewalk style cuteness of late. Let’s check in on her progress and offer advice that she never asked for, darlings. She’ll thank us later.

First up, Casual Seventies Realness Kiki:

We’re feeling a little bit of Bionic Woman cosplay action here. Still, we can’t bring ourselves to say we love the jeans. They’re impressive as a statement item. They take a strong picture. But they’re still high-waisted, brushed denim jeans in a somewhat unflattering cut, with huge silver crotch buttons. That’s a lot for one lady to pull off. We like the simple blouse and sandals, though. They were smart choices in the sense that they don’t fight with the overpowering jeans, but they also don’t do much to mitigate them either. It’s not a terrible look, nor is it one that we unreservedly love, but it’s a bit of a head-turner. The kind of look that practically guarantees press and blog coverage.

Next up, Eighties Power Kiki:



It’s kind of a lot to take in; possibly even too much. We admit, when the reddish-brown skirt suddenly goes striped and then transitions to red sandals, we need a moment to recover from the whiplash.

Okay, no. We’re being melodramatic whores, as is our way. The point is, there are a lot of elements to this look, but we like that the main colors are black, brown and navy blue. First, because she can pull off that slightly tough combo and second, because it helps to downplay everything that’s going on. We might’ve rec’d a fully buttoned blouse, but this is one of the cutest street looks of the year, we’re thinking.



[Photo Credit: Lisvett Serrant/, Dara Kushner/]

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