Katie Holmes Snags the Best Zac Posen for the Fragrance Foundation Awards

Posted on June 15, 2017

Not to be bitches or anything – hahahahaha, we know – but we pretty much pre-cringed at yet another Posen/Holmes pairing. When this one hit our Fashion Feed. We just don’t think this style relationship has been working out for either of them. Sure, she probably gets his brand out there in a high-profile sort of way (like the Fragrance Foundation Awards – not to be bitches or anything!), but she’s never been the right gal to work his tendency towards fussy and overdesigned frocks. Those kinds of dresses take a certain type of gal and she’s not it. She’s a stand-there-and-smirk kind of gal, which means she really needs bold, simple, high-impact gownery instead of Zac’s origami-napkin gowns.

Well, shut our whore mouths:

We’d say this is pretty much perfect. Simple and bold, with a sprinkling of visual interest, but nothing too colorful or wild; the kind of dress that requires the wearer to, well… just stand there and smirk, knowing you look good. It’s not fashion-forward or anything. If she’d over-styled it (which wouldn’t have been likely, knowing her preferences), we might have snarked that it looks a little drag queen or pageant-y. But as it is, keeping it simple, it looks lovely. Well done all around.



Style Credits:
Zac Posen Ivory Flower Chain Embroidery Bonded Crepe Gown from the Resort 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Courtesy of Zac Posen]

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