Jennifer Lopez Gets Her Mega-Diva on as She Films a Music Video for “Ni Tu Ni Yo”

Posted on June 16, 2017

It’s like a diva explosion on up in here. Those with sensitive skin or eye conditions should stay behind the line, lest they get blasted with her divahood.

Or at least, that’s how it’ll look when they’re all done. We hope.


Because if they don’t fix that wrinkly sheer strip in post, Miss Lopez will not be pleased and heads will roll.

Seriously, that looks awful. Michael Costello should get a lot of credit for being quite possibly the most successful Project Runway non-winner ever, since his gowns tend to be favored by the Kardashia/Knowles/Lopez set – and that’s not a bad set to have showing off your wares. But we’re afraid our impression of his work hasn’t changed since he was on the show. Good for him, because he must have hustled like crazy to get here, but his designs have never looked anything but tacky to us.

This does look dramatic and may just look amazing in the video, but that strip is a terrible design choice.



Style Credits:
Custom Michael Costello ‘Goddess’ Yellow Dress

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