Jennifer Hudson Wears Everything at NBC’s “Hairspray Live!” FYC Event

Posted on June 12, 2017

Jennifer Hudson attends NBC’s “Hairspray Live!” FYC Event at the Saban Media Center in North Hollywood, California.


Another bit of self-promotion to break up the self-congratulations of the Tonys, darlings. Because we’re all about keeping you on your toes around here.

Now, let’s all discuss…this:


We’re sighing. But only lightly. We don’t hate anything about this. It’s just that it’s very much of a piece with Miss Jennifer’s style, which can only best be described as “so very extra.” The top and the skirt (especially the former) look fairly good on her and make a nice change of pace from the tiny little party dresses she tends to favor all the time. They don’t marry all that well, which makes us think a decent-sized belt would’ve been a great idea here. But we suspect the idea of a belt interfered with that massive fungus sprouting on her shoulder. The shoes are fun-fab on their own merits, but they don’t really work all that well with the outfit, with our without the fungus. Basically, it’s a bunch of cute items (except the fungus) that don’t pair well with each other at all.




Style Credits:
Christian Louboutin ‘Corsankle’ Open-Toe Sky-High Platform Sandal

[Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC, Courtesy of Christian Louboutin]

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