Jaime King Brings It to Rémy Martin’s Special Evening

Posted on June 16, 2017

You know, a brand-sponsored “special evening” is not always as special as it sounds, speaking as two people who’ve gone to a few brand-sponsored special evenings in their time. But we have to say, we’re grateful for them at this time of year, because they’re always a resource for pictures of ready-to-drink celebs vying for camera time. And as we noted in our last podcast, even the more humble red carpets in celebrity land are becoming a bit more formal, with higher expectations and greater pressure on the celebs involved to produce photogenic fashion moments.

And that’s why Miss Jaime gets her own post. Girlfriend always did know how to snag some camera time on the RC, long before things got as competitive as they have now.

To wit:

That’s some on-trend summer cray style. Everyone keeps insisting on wearing velvet on the red carpet this June, so we have to at least give her some credit for tipping her hat to the trend while not risking heat exhaustion. We don’t love the bib, and we don’t think the shoes or the purse do much for it, but the look is cute enough. It’s Remy-drinking ready and that’s all it needs to be.


[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/startraksphoto.com, Getty Images]

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