Issa Rae Outshines Her Balmain at the 2017 BET Awards

Posted on June 26, 2017

All the respect in the world to a lady who thinks “I’m gonna wear Balmain but make sure my hair is the centerpiece of my look.”


To be fair, she snagged herself a pretty fine Balmain, instead of some of the over-designed monstrosities the Kardashia tribe has favored in the past. We’re not sure we’d have advised a knit blazer in June, but it works well because it’s brightly colored, almost completely unstyled so it isn’t fighting with anything, and it comes off fairly lightweight.

But the head styling is off the chain. Her makeup is flawless and we can’t stop staring at her hair, which manages to be bold but give off a fairly simple vibe. We’re not crazy about the two braids framing her face, if only because they obscure the earrings, which are pretty spectacular. Also not crazy about the frayed hem. And we think the shoes come off like an afterthought when a well-chosen pair could’ve pulled the whole look together. But she still looks bright, colorful, chic and gorgeous. We’re just professional nitpickers, is all.



Style Credits:
Balmain Striped Open-Knit Blazer from the Spring 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Getty Images,]

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