Halle Berry in Gosia Baczyńska at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball: IN or OUT?

Posted on June 05, 2017

Let’s start with this first: She’s not pregnant.


Girlfriend just knows how to manipulate the press when she realizes her killer dress is gonna give her a little bit of a pooch. You don’t stay a movie star for decades without picking up a trick or two about press manipulation.

It’s a fun, sparkly, glam kind of look. We don’t love the hem of the dress, but it’s not enough of an issue to make us cranky. The sheer collar, on the other hand;  that’s kind of irritating and sloppy. But really, our biggest  issue is with how seasonally off it seems. This is for January, not June. Also: the hair’s not really up to it. You’re practically drowning in sequins, lady. Maybe get that patted down a bit?

This has always been Miss Halle’s way. She rests on pretty by picking some attention-getting outfit and doing practically nothing to style it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s a disaster. You tell us which one this is.


Halle Berry’s Uneven Sparkle:

IN or OUT? 



Style Credits:
Gosia Baczyńska Silver Sequin Dress from the Spring 2017 Collection
Yeon Silver Coat

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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