Friday Leftovers for the Week of June 18, 2017 – Part TWO

Posted on June 23, 2017

Darlings, it’s well past time we wrapped up this week’s judging and ran out into the world, our gleeful faces turned to the sky as they soak up the sunlight. We’ve been stuck at our desks and we’re getting punchy, is what we’re saying.


Amy Poehler

This is kind of pretty, but like so many of the things she wears, it doesn’t really play well with her proportions. A higher hem and less voluminous sleeves would be much better for her.



Brenton Thwaites

Dull, but serviceable.



David Beckham

Nice enough, but we honestly can’t say we love the color of the suit on him.



Elizabeth Hurley

Not a thing wrong with that.



Grace Gummer

We’re trying here, but we don’t think we can sign off on this.



Hatty Keane in Claire Tagg

Well, it’s definitely interesting.

Looks a little bit like a ransom note, but interesting.


Jenny Slate in David Koma

Between the overdesigned shoes and overdesigned LBD it’s like a simple-chic ensemble started mutating or something.



Josh Duhamel

Hot coach.



Juliette Binoche in Ingie

A rare sighting in the wild of that most elusive creature: the chic wide-legged jumpsuit.



Laura Haddock in Miu Miu

Surprisingly low-key for Miu Miu. Not exactly an original design, but a pretty one.



Matt Bommer

Things we hate: 1. Double-breasted tuxedos. 2. Men who don’t wear socks with tuxedos.



Molly Quinn

Kind of cute, but WAY too naive. There’s whimsy and then there’s “pre-school decor.”



Paula Patton in Sandro

We were ready to say that the dress was a little weird, but passable. Then we got to the shoes and literally yelped out loud. Those may be the ugliest pieces of footwear we’ve seen in years. They’re almost astonishingly hideous.



Stana Katic

The lines are a little odd, but for the most part, it all works.



Suki Waterhouse (in David Koma) and Keanu Reeves

He looks exhausted. Keanu, go take a nap. Or at least don’t smoke so much weed before a media event.

Suki couldn’t afford the entire dress, evidently.



Victoria Justice in Zac Posen

Pretty, but we’d have liked it more with a darker lining.

Are there not other sandal styles in the world?

And with that deep question to ponder, we’re outta heah for a couple. Be good! And if you can’t be good, then at least be fabulous, darlings!



[Photo Credit:, Getty Images]

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