Friday Leftovers for the Week of June 11, 2017

Posted on June 16, 2017

Darlings, dolls, and kittens of all stripes, our work week has come to an end and there are Father’s Day barbecues and birthday celebrations to attend to on our end, so we’re eager to get to work on desserts and sides while also perhaps making our way through a wine bottle or two.

In other words, hit it, also-rans. We’re fixin’ to get the hell out of Dodge ASAP.


Anna Chlumsky

We scrolled down with our cringes at the ready, based on past performance, but this is surprisingly chic.



Brittany Snow in By Johnny

We might’ve handled the bow top if it didn’t also have the polka dot action. That’s asking a bit much of us.



Carly Chaikin in Adeam


Love this gal’s style.


Dascha Polanco


Seriously. Why?



Debi Mazar

She looks like she’s hosting a Halloween key party in the seventies. Which is another way of saying she looks fabulous.



Dove Cameron in Co

Cute. It’s like Precious Goth or something.



Holly Hunter

It’s a wonder she didn’t tip over. Then again, those shoes look like they make pretty good anchors.



Jaimie Alexander in Christian Siriano

Lovely. No complaints.



Jackie Cruz

Newp. The skirt looks great, but the top looks very confused.



Jeremy Renner

Dude, go home and take those jeggings off.



Jillian Bell in Marchesa Notte

Pretty. She could go with something a little less obvious in her style, though.



Kat Graham in Milly



We don’t hate it. We just wish it was fully lined.



Kristin Chenoweth

We keep wanting to like this, but it’s all just a bit much. The hair, the overdesigned dress, the focus-pulling shoes – we feel like this outfit is yelling at us.



Lake Bell

The dress and shoes are fine in a musty sort of old-school way, but the look calls for hair up or back.



Laverne Cox in Cinq à Sept




Mandy Moore

We’re not falling all over ourselves in love with it, but given how cray her style can be, it’s surprisingly on point and put-together. Although the shoes don’t much go.



Mandy Moore in Galvan London

All things considered, this could’ve been a lot worse, too. Kudos for showing up with so few wrinkles. Would’ve been better in a midnight blue, though.



Molly Ringwald

Girl, that’s not your color and lady, we can get you better shoes than that.



Ryan Cooper

Cute. Cute but dull.



Zoe Kazan in Huishan Zhang

Low-key pretty (great color) with just enough visual interest. Works for us.

And with that, we’re off for some sun, fun and most important of all, extra nap time. Have a fabulous one, kittens! Ciao!



[Photo Credit:
Dave Longendyke/, Milla Cochran/, Sara De Boer/,, Janet Mayer/, Dave Longendyke/, Vince Flores/, Getty Images, ABC]

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