Freida Pinto, Connie Britton and Karen Gillan Team Up at the 2017 Maui Film Festival

Posted on June 23, 2017

And now for one of our favorite things: Random Celebrity Meetups.


Freida Pinto, Connie Britton and Karen Gillan at the 2017 Maui Film Festival in Wailea, Hawaii.



What do you think they talked about? Probably about how much they hate posing for these dumb pictures.

But hey, you’re in Hawaii, ladies. It can’t be all bad. And you get the loving blessings of our judgment, as well as the judgment of the entire Bitter Kitten community, just for standing there and posing. What a deal, right?

Oh, we’re teasing. They all look cute and we’re not here to be bitches. Just opinionated.



Freida Pinto

It’s fine. We’re not feeling the color for her and floaty quality has us thinking of lemon meringue but considering her red carpet is some grass and a bush, she’s doing alright. We’d quibble about the details, but she looks breezy-chic and venue-appropriate.


Connie Britton

This is just so very Connie. And also a nice little nod to her surroundings. It’s tropical, but Country.

Having said that, it’s not chic and the placement of the flowers isn’t exactly flattering. We wonder if a belt would’ve worked or if it would have interfered too much with the embroidery. Also, a brightly colored pair of shoes would’ve made much more sense here.



Karen Gillan

LOVE this.

Okay, sure: the chains are goofy. And the shoes sure don’t say “Hawaii.” But then again, none of it does. We can’t credit her for dressing for the venue, but this is a chic little low-key take on menswear that really suits her. 21stC Annie Hall realness. That’s perfect for her.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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