Brad Pitt Scales Back at the “Okja” New York Premiere

Posted on June 09, 2017



We feel like Brad is so wildly all over the map on his style choices that he comes across like a person who doesn’t know who he is. Maybe that’s harsh, but watching him careen from Playa style to Hipster Dad to Hell’s Angel cosplay to Serious Artist drag and now his latest turn as Your Candidate For State Representative? It’s fair to say he’s somewhat unusually changeable (for a straight male star of his age) on the style/image front. He’s gone through like a dozen style personae in the last two decades. When you compare, say Cruise, Depp, Downey, Jr. or Clooney over the same span of time, they don’t really seem to change all that much in comparison.

Anyway, this is acceptable – especially since he’s here in his role as executive producer – but dull. We look forward to his next Madonna-like transformation.


[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/, Getty Images]

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