Aziz Ansari Isn’t a Poser at Netflix’s ‘Master of None’ FYC Event

Posted on June 07, 2017

Aziz Ansari attends Netflix’s “Master of None” For Your Consideration Event at the Saban Media Center in North Hollywood, California.


Aziz, we had no idea. We’ve covered you a couple of times before, but apparently your difficulties never registered to us. But there’s no escaping it now:


You need some serious posing lessons, mister. Hire yourself a drag queen, pronto. They’ll teach you how to find your angles.

It’s kind of endearing when guys look so deadly uncomfortable on the red carpet. We always hope their female co-stars are off to the side screaming “THAT’S RIGHT. JUST STAND THERE TO BE LOOKED AT! HOW’S IT FEEL, NOW? HUNH? DON’T TALK! NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! TURN AROUND!”

Style-wise, this is a bit of a mish-mash. The only way to wear that jacket without looking like an old-school movie theater usher is to pair it with jeans, kicks and a t-shirt. Also, it’s way too long on him.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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