Aubrey Plaza and Dave Franco Give it Their Best Shot at the Screening for “The Little Hours”

Posted on June 20, 2017

Aubrey Plaza and Dave Franco attend a screening for “The Little Hours” during the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.


First impression? They’re trying! They’re coordinated! They make for a nice picture! What a cute couple-who-isn’t-actually-a-couple!

Second impressions are as follows:


Okay, well.

We want to, Aubrey.  This is good on-paper, in the sense that an floral-embroidered black dress is so ubiquitous on the world’s red carpets that it would seem to be a look fairly hard to get wrong. Then again, if everyone got their red carpetry right, we wouldn’t have jobs. This isn’t awful; it’s just that it looks like a cheap OTR version of the typical red carpet embroidered-floral dress. We love the color story, but think it would work better on a much lighter – even white – background, rather than the black, which turns it a bit nightgowny. Overall, it’s kind of a dowdy look the longer we take it in. And the pale blue pumps are insanely distracting. We want to, girl. We just can’t.


We don’t know… it’s cute and all. It suits him. It’s just kind of a … cliche? The white, tieless, buttoned-up dress shirt with the tight black jeans and a moto? They were wearing this at the ’92 Grammys – and it was starting to look stale then. Granted, that was a quarter century ago and fashion is cyclical, but a fresher take would’ve been welcome. And we don’t mean “add dress shoes,” which is a terrible thing to do to a moto jacket.






“Did he just smile at you? Why is he smiling at you?! WHO IS THAT?!?”

A little embarrassed to admit how much we laughed at that trailer.


Style Credits:
RED Valentino Black Sheer Embroidered Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: – Video Credit: Gunpowder & Sky via]

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