Amy Poehler Tests Us at Build Studios in NYC

Posted on June 22, 2017

Amy Poehler visits Build Studios to promote her new movie “The House” at Build Studio in New York City.



Miss Amy, we love you a whole lot and we think you’re amazing and talented. But lady, you could use some serious style guidance. The print works and the colors look great on her. But if someone had asked our opinion on the matter, we’d have told them that an entire outfit in one loud print is asking a lot of anyone who doesn’t wear clothes for a living. Keep the blouse and put on a pair of cute jeans, we say.


We’ll begrudgingly admit that it’s not as bad when she’s sitting down, which was surely a consideration when picking a look for a venue like this one.

Still: jeans would’ve been better.


[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/, DARA KUSHNER/, Getty Images]

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