Let’s Check in on The NBA Awards Red Carpet, Shall We?

Posted on June 27, 2017

Darlings, GLAMOUR and STYLE ruled the NBA Awards red carpet this year!

Along with TACKINESS and ATTENTION-SEEKING, of course, but we’re not exactly surprised by that. Sports-themed red carpets will never be mistaken for the Met Gala, after all. Even so, the men – and one legend – did pretty well for themselves here.


Chadwick Boseman in Salvatore Ferragamo


The shoes seem like a slightly off choice to our eyes, but we love the suit, which has a lightweight summer vibe to it, but still looks formal enough for the occasion. Put him in the group of men who can work the Amish collar look. Granted, it helps that no one could ever mistake him for an Amish dude.



Drake in Tom Ford

Close to perfect, but just a tiny bit goofy in the fit and presentation (pants too full, jacket too long, tie askew), in that manner you kind of expect from him.



Hailey Baldwin in David Koma

She’s like a glamorous special ops soldier, fighting her way, inch by glittery inch, behind enemy lines, under cover of SPARKLE.

Also, this dress is hideous.



Jada Pinkett Smith in Sophie Theallet

This dress is also kind of awful and since we love Miss Jada and have always loved the designs of Ms. Theallet, we’re going to work very hard to forget we ever saw this.


Naomi Campbell in Elie Saab

The mistress of fashion makes a somewhat silly dress look chic. She may be cray and she may wear some goofy stuff, but let’s never forget why Miss Naomi is a legend. Not that we hate this look; just that she lends it a lot more chicness and gravitas just by wearing it.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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