Zoe Saldana at the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” New York Screening: IN or OUT?

Posted on May 04, 2017

We recently saluted Miss Zoe for being a lady who knows her way around some weird, off-beat, sci-fi-flavored red carpetry. It hasn’t always worked out for her, but she gets our respect for knowing when to work that particular style brief. Certain types of premieres and projects require certain types of style choices, and we’ve long held that the big superhero and science fiction franchise queens would do well to give the fanbase the kind of imagery they respond best to when they’re out there poledancing for ticket sales. Just like love stories require romance-infused dresses and prestige Oscar dramas require “serious artist” drag.

Anyway, here’s Zoe, giving us Space Queen realness:


So. Points for being weird and eye-catching. But after 3 days of Met Gala coverage, we think we’re going to need you guys to come in and render final judgment on this one.


Zoe Saldana’s Queen of the Galaxy Dress:

IN or OUT? 


Please be prepared to explain your choice if called upon.


Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Black and Gold Netted Midi Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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