Zac Efron Has His Style Graduation Ceremony at the “Baywatch” World Premiere

Posted on May 15, 2017

After years and years of yelling at him for showing up on red carpets looking like he couldn’t have cared less about whatever it was he was promoting…


… we feel our work here is … not quite done, but definitely coming to an end. You’ll get your diploma, but you’ll have to do makeup classes over the summer.

Zac, we got you to understand the importance of expensive suiting for the red carpet. Well done, you. But now, it would appear that we have to work on your understanding of fit – because those pants are downright tragic in the hip and crotch areas – and the importance of good accessorizing. The trend in menswear is to match the tie to the suit, but we think it makes for a terrible picture. It’s just not a thing we’re going to embrace any time soon. We’d have honestly preferred a thin black tie here for some contrast. The shoes just don’t feel like the right style at all. We don’t have a problem about men giving the appearance of socklessness in dress shoes, but these pointy-toed laceups aren’t the style for it – and don’t really go with the suit. Black loafers is what you wanted here.

Still, it’s all a major step forward and he looks sophisticated in a way he hasn’t up till now.


Style Credits:
Hugo Boss Blue Print Two-Button Suit
[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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