The Final Trailer for “Wonder Woman” Dropped and — What? You Thought We Weren’t Going to Have Opinions?

Posted on May 08, 2017

Girl, please. There was no way we were shutting up about this one.




When this trailer practically landed in our laps last night, lifelong nerd and homosexual man Tom turned to Lorenzo and said, “Confirmed: I WILL cry in the movie theater. Just so you know.” What can we say, kittens? If you’re a Wonder Woman fan of any length of time, then you can probably see just how much and how well this film seems to be working to capture the spirit and history of the character. Virtually all of the island stuff is practically iconic imagery to any WW fan, especially the cliff-diving and the shots of Diana as a child, which are visual elements that are as essential to her background as Bruce Wayne’s parents walking into bullets or Kal-El’s parents putting their baby in a rocket.

Despite the wholly egregious videogame music soundtrack running underneath them, the images provide such a sense of adventure and epic storytelling – all with a woman placed exactly at the center of it, making them seem almost subversive, in a way. We’ve heard some grumblings from the nerd community that too much of the imagery and the way it’s shot borders on action/superhero cliche (the bursting through windows, slo-mo fight scenes stuff, mostly), but the very fact of who is at the center of that action makes it anything but a cliche.

DC hasn’t had the best track record with its superhero movie fare, so we are praying to the gods of movie trailers that this one isn’t lying to us. Please be good, Wonder Woman. 




[Stills: Tom and Lorenzo, Warner Bros. Pictures – Video Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures via]

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