Vulture Festival Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on May 23, 2017

We’ve checked in on red carpets in Tokyo, Australia and on the Riviera, darlings. For a change of pace, let’s head downtown, where the red carpets are just a little funkier.

Not that they smell or anything. Maybe they do; we wouldn’t know. Anyway, let’s take the style down a couple notches and have ourselves a breather.


Emmy Rossum

Miss Emmy is not taking this opportunity to be funky. Instead, she’s serving up her usual impeccably rendered fashionista drag. The shoes are a slightly unusual choice for that dress, but we think we’re falling in love with the pairing the longer we look at it. The dress feels heavy somehow, which is an odd thing to say for a sleeveless with a plunge, but the pop of color in the shoe is elevating it and making it all feel a little lighter. Nicely done.



Gina Rodriguez

There’s your funky. The coat doesn’t strike us as the best choice to go with that skirt and tee, mainly because it’s so standard and business-like. But we can tell it’s a nice coat and we think a unifying navy blue scheme was the way to go with such a bold skirt. Love the idea of the tee paired with it.



Jonathan Tucker

You’re lucky you have that bod, mister. Otherwise, this would be a hell of a lot more tragic than it is. Tight dress pants with kicks and a tucked-in tropical print shirt? With a tiny leather jacket? Go home and start over.



Neil Patrick Harris

Classic, perfectly rendered and age-appropriate. Well done.



Sarah Jessica Parker

Love when Miss Sarah goes boho – and this is a pretty great dress for it. But in typical Miss Sarah fashion, she had to go and put on the wrong pair of shoes with it.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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